Brock From The Pokémon Anime Has, After 20 Years, Gotten A Girlfriend

After two decades of painfully trying and failing to find love in front of the whole world, Pokemon’s Brock may have finally found the one.

There were a number of things that made Pokemon so popular when it was first introduced to the world more than 20 years ago. The trading cards, video games, TV show, and eventually movies. The video games, in particular, have evolved so that they can still exist and thrive. The TV show has not achieved that to the same level, but it does still exist.

Pokemon The Series: Sun And Moon is the latest iteration of the show, and it is currently airing in Japan. In fact, it recently welcomed back popular characters Brock and Misty to the show. Just before Christmas, a trailer for the next episode, titled “A Rock-Smashing Passionate Heart! Olivia and Brock!” teased that Brock might finally be about to find love.


One of the running jokes throughout the original series was that Brock would fall in love with any mildly attractive female he clapped eyes on. However, the feeling was not mutual and he would always wind up being dragged away by Misty. That seems to happen again with new character Olivia, but the Alola Kahuna doesn’t seem to be as adverse to Brock’s advances as others have been over the past two decades.

Well, the episode has now aired and wouldn’t you know it, Olivia seems to feel the same way about Brock as he does about her. Huzzah! As is evident in the tweet below, Olivia seems to be just as smitten by Brock as he is by her. They are both Rock-type trainers after all, and that seems to be enough to cause a spark in the wide, wide world of Pokemon.

Now that Brock’s quest for love is over, it will likely mean he ducks back out of Ash’s continued quest to become a Pokemon master. However, what he won’t want is for Olivia to get wind of how he is with the ladies. If his fellow rock trainer discovers that he professes the same love for every single woman he sees, then their feelings for each other might not be so mutual after all.

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